By doing this we not only create a safe environment, we ensure compliance and enhance our productivity.

We are proud to work alongside The Building Safety Group (BSG) and are always aiming to do things better and safer, this safe environment not only comes from the procedures we have developed but also the training we promote, practical knowledge and experience the team has in abundance but also the knowledge that BSG brings.

This is all underpinned by our accreditation from the SSIP through CHAS (Contractor Health & Safety Assessment Scheme).

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Constructs aim to integrate sustainable methods into our everyday activities. Selecting sustainable materials, ensuring minimal wastage and wherever possible utilising and re-using existing materials, we have a wealth of experience and feel compassionate about driving innovation within our sector. We only ever use PEFC or FSC certified products ensuring that we promote timber as a renewable and sustainable material. We record our chain of custody and regularly advise on methods and detailing that help to achieve the desired Breeam ratings.

We are always looking to improve the way we undertake our activities. We also always monitor the products we use and the new products available. Working in conjunction with Sustainable Building Solutions we constantly update our portfolio of products, build methods and techniques.

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Quality Control

Exceptional quality carpentry is no accident, with attention to detail our standards will not be compromised. This all begins with careful planning and is carried out with diligent inspections and hand over.
This commitment seeks to ensure that we:

  • Develop a full understanding of the needs of our customers
  • Co-operate closely with all parties so that the right, quality work is provided first time
  • Maintain reliable and effective communication and collaboration
  • Improve operational efficiency and make cost savings wherever possible
  • Respect our environment and our surroundings
  • Actively seek feedback and review each project, and develop our greatest asset, our tradesman, to maximise their full potential.
  • Delivering quality work is a major factor in achieving our overall goal of outstanding customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of quality to all our customers, on all projects.

Q Mark, Trada Fire Door Installers

The correct installation of fire doors more important than ever. We are pleased to provide a fully audited and accredited fire door installation service. Our supervisors are trained in the recognised methods and fully audited to ensure we install fire doors to the highest required standards.

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