Installing fire doors – the hot topic – Q mark fire door installer

In today’s market it’s not only important to provide great high-quality Carpentry and Carpentry Contractor packages to our clients, we also take steps to ensure our services provide compliance that is third party certified.

Fire Door installations by our accredited, certified and experienced carpentry team are carried out throughout the South West UK. We cover all areas between Bristol and Somerset, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Plymouth and the South Coast. Call 0800 228 9860 or Contact Us online to brief us on your project and projected timeline.

Here at Constructs we provide accredited fire door installations to new installations on new build developments. If your requirement is to existing doors please contact a Fire door maintenance accredited contractor.

Please note: We offer fire door services for commercial properties only (not domestic) sadly, we are not able to train people, the Q Mark, BM Trada are the trainers/auditors.

Q Mark Fully Compliant and Certified Door Set Installations since 2015

In 2015 we identified the need to certify our compliant fire door fitting and haven’t looked back. We provide our customers advice on suppliers and their duties which in turn allows us to provide a full audit trail of the process.

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    Fire door identification plugs

    Every Q Mark certified door set will have Plugs, but what do they mean?

    Timber doors that have achieved third-party certification from BM Trada feature colour coded fire door plugs, giving specifiers and building owners a way of identifying that the door is certified.

    Q Mark Fire Door Installers UK Accredited Somerset Carpenters BM Trada FD Identification Plugs TREE COLOURS

    What Do The Fire Door Colours Signify with Fire Resistance and Where They Are Located?

    Outer Circle Colour: Period of fire resistance i.e. FD30, FD60, FD90 or FD120
    Inner Tree Colour: Status of approved elements i.e. intumescent and glazing
    Member’s Unique Certification Number

    Period of fire resistance outer circle colour

    Yellow circle / FD30 – 30 minutes of fire resistance

    Blue circle / FD60 – 60 minutes of fire resistance

    Brown circle / FD90 – 90 minutes of fire resistance

    Black circle / FD120 – 120 minutes of fire resistance

    Approved elements inner tree colour (when fixed to door)

    Red Tree / Approved door (FD30 and FD60 only) Intumescent not yet fitted

    Green Tree / Approved door / Intumescent in door and factory fitted

    Orange Tree / Approved door / Factory fitted glazing

    Silver Tree / Certified factory hung door set

    Gold Tree / Certified installed door set

    Approved elements inner tree colour (when fixed to frame)

    Green Tree / Approved frame to match door / All intumescent to door and frame fitted

    How accredited fire door installers are essential to ensuring compliance

    Third party accreditation such as the Q Mark Scheme, BM Trada, this scheme is now implemented by Warrington Fire which used to be Exova. It is essential to keep up to date with the requirements to provide compliance. With multiple details, test evidence requirements etc. only a competently managed Carpentry Contractor is able to provide this service. We strive to achieve the end result of confidence that end users have what they require; a fully compliant and certified door set installation that will perform as it has been designed (and tested) to do under fire conditions.

    Please see below more information about what the scheme provides.

    BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Installer – What is the Scheme?

    This demonstrates competence in the installation of fire doors, hence the accreditation award to Constructs South West UK.

    There is a legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doors to demonstrate the ability of their products to resist the passage and spread of fire. However, if they are not properly installed, their fire resistance capabilities can be seriously compromised. The BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installation scheme has been designed to provide reassurance to specifiers, contractors and end users that the product they have chosen has been installed correctly and that it should perform as intended.

    The Q-Mark Fire Door Installation scheme is based on training an individual who takes responsibility for the training and work carried out by several operatives.

    The scheme is designed to ensure that fire door sets are being installed correctly, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or appropriate guidelines.

    What the scheme aims to achieve:

    • Raise the ongoing standard of installation of fire doors
    • Ensure the product’s fire resistance capabilities are maintained
    • Ensure the product’s service life is maximized through correct installation
    • Provide peace of mind that the Installer is suitably qualified and that their work is continually assessed by an independent body
    • Provide specifiers with the means to demonstrate that the installation meets the required standard.

    Q-Mark fire door installation certification scheme benefits:

    • Provides installers with a strong competitive advantage enabling you to provide proof of the quality of your installation work
    • Shows due diligence on your part by demonstrating that your installation work enables the product to continue to meet fire resistance requirements
    • Membership is voluntary and as such it provides a clear demonstration of an installer’s commitment to quality
    • You continue to benefit as levels of awareness of the Q-Mark scheme and the demand for third party certification of installers continues
    • You benefit from association with BM TRADA, widely recognized and accepted as a leading provider of third-party certification

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