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About us– So returning to his trade, Carpentry sub-contracting was the best route to go! Constructs were formed and the Journey had started! Constructs undertake Carpentry projects throughout the South West including Somerset, Taunton, Bridgwater, Exeter, Devon, Bristol, Dorchester, and all the surrounding areas. We provide the best quality Carpenters, managed by experienced staff who work with site teams to make their job easier by providing exactly what they want, high-quality Carpenters that undertake works including roof trusses, joists, flooring, cladding, 1st fix, 2nd fix, Kitchens to name a few t the highest possible standards, safely, on time. We now work for Main Contractors & Developers throughout the South West. Delivering the values set out in the initial concept.

What we do– We have sought the best tradesman to achieve our values, as what we produce is what we are measured on, we reward them well and have developed their skill sets to align with our values. Having a background in Site Management soon became an obvious benefit to providing our customers with the service we would have wanted! So our Management has since been built from ex- Site Management, so we have an overall understanding of the entire team that it takes to deliver a successful project, not just the Carpentry. This allows us to become an integral part of the team, use what we learn on multiple sites, and spread the knowledge to others and overall provide the high level of customer satisfaction we strive for.

Floor joists – engineered joists compared

CONSTRUCTS CARPENTRY CONTRACTORS install all types of joists to houses and commercial buildings, these can be used as a floor or roof structure. The types can vary but can be split into two most common types:

  1. Steico Joists- These are structural wood fibreboard web joists
  2. Posi Joists- These are structural metal braced joists

Both joist types have their pros and cons, both to the end-user and to the installer

Steico Wooden Joists Benefits From A Carpenter’s Perspective

The production basis for all this joist is timber. Made from slow grown spruce, the flanges are kiln dried and machine stress graded thereby guaranteeing a consistent quality and defined mechanical properties. The webs are made from structural fibreboard, jointed along the length with a V-groove profile, offering a very high shear capacity. Both the preparation and manufacturing processes of the flanges, the webs and the installation of durable adhesives are carried out using the latest automated assembly lines.


  • Reduction in thermal bridging
  • Easy installation of services
  • Lightweight
  • Depths are manufactured to suit industry standards
  • Available insulated or non-insulated
  • High dimensional stability through controlled moisture content
  • Strict manufacturing tolerances
  • Easy to machine and cut (where permitted)


  • Service routes are restricted to pre-agreed zones
  • Transporting around the site can be difficult due to joist flexibility
  • Fibreboard can be affected by moisture on-site or future potential leaks

Posi Joists Carpentry Benefits

Posi-Joist combines the lightness of timber with the strength of the Posi-Strut steel web to produce a floor and roof system allowing you to span far greater distances than would be possible with alternative timber products.

This gives you unequalled design freedom across a wide range of applications for both floor and roof in domestic, industrial, and commercial applications. The Posi-Joist allows a variety of internal room layouts within an external shell due to its clear spanning capabilities.

Easy access for the installation and maintenance of services in the floor zone is the clear advantage of the Posi-Joist system, and with the ever increasing need for MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) systems, Posi-Joist provides a perfect and simple solution that just isn’t possible with alternative solid timber products.


  • Longer spans allow design freedom
  • Open web design creates a service void for ease of access
  • Wide fixing surface
  • Can incorporate a trimmable end
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional sound performance
  • Compliant with BS and EN fire standards
  • Wide range of end details
  • Depths are manufactured to suit industry standards
  • Strict manufacturing tolerances


  • Due to timber sizes they can be heavy to carry
  • Lengths can only be cut to suit site conditions if pre-agreed cutting zones are manufactured within the joist

From a Carpenters and joist installers perspective, both engineered joist types are an improvement on traditional loose carcassing timber. Both due to the controlled moisture content spans that can be achieved without additional works, and overall being more practical to handle. However, considering the greater flexibility in service routes with the posi joists we find this is the preferred product, and avoids other trades drilling or cutting where is not permitted.

From an end-user perspective, a larger fixing area for floors and ceilings is quite a benefit and will help prevent future fixing ‘pops’ to your finish ceiling. With all types, the acoustic insulation should be carefully considered as you do tend to hear reverberation through floors.

Flooring on top of your joists – this completes the flooring system
Do not forget that the flooring you fit and how you fit it, is as important as your joists. Chipboard flooring has been used and proven as a high quality and robust product for years. There are products available that provide great protection from the elements during the build process such as Egger Protect or Peel Clean.

The key points to ensure during install are-

  1. Ensure that weather conditions during install permit the correct use of glues and curing.
  2. Ensure D4 type glues are used (as provided by the manufacturer) to the joints of boards and top of joists.
  3. Ensure that the board is not exposed to the weather longer than it is designed to do so, building, and covering the roof should be achieved within the recommended exposure time of the board
  4. Ensure the edges and fixing points are sealed to ensure longevity
  5. Ensure that all board edges are supported

Quality – Is paramount to what we do. We have the best carpenters that are managed closely to achieve the best possible product. We closely monitor quality to ensure what we offer our clients is the highest quality. We are BM Trada Fire door installers which ensure accredited installs and audit for our clients, this is paramount in the recent times as a further check/audit that what we do is compliant and fit for purpose.

Accredited Q Mark Fire Door Installers Somerset

Safety– Everything we do is with all the site trades Safety in mind. Our RAMS have been extensively developed and adapted over time and to the current guidelines, we consider all trades on site that may be affected by our work. We aim to deliver all our services without compromise to any body’s wellbeing.

Bristol, Weston-super-Mare, Exeter, Devon and Dorchester

Where we do it – Based in Bridgwater, Somerset, we cover from North Bristol to Mid Devon and over to Dorchester. With great teams local to all these areas we can provide the same great service wherever you are.

Projects- We work for many different Main Contractors & Developers ranging from Retirement Apartments, Residential housing to Schools, Colleges and Offices.

Offering age exclusive housing for those over 70, our brand-new Retirement Living PLUS development sits right at the heart of one of the country’s most prized areas of natural beauty. With a central position in the historic city of Gloucester, this is the perfect opportunity to find a comfortable home for your retirement.

McCarthy & Stone apartments combine the luxury and comforts of modern living with a host of practical details to make day-to-day living as easy as possible. Each apartment comes fitted with 24-hour emergency call systems as standard. Domestic assistance is offered as part of the maintenance fee. Additional assistance can be requested as necessary.

Llanthony Place is conveniently placed for access to the bustling quay area of the city, which is a centre for shopping and socialising. A number of bars and restaurants line the waterfront, whilst several high street name shops can be found along the neighbouring streets.

Constructs completed the roof trusses, flat roofs, and entire internal Carpentry works package, including 1st fix, 2nd fix and kitchens.

Bridgwater & Taunton Student Accommodation Project Focus

Taunton – Nerrrols Farm School Project Focus

Part of Somerset County Council’s biggest school building and investment programme for generations, Nerrols Farm Primary School will be a 420-place primary and 26-place nursery. Located in an expanding residential area in Taunton, the two-form entry primary will become a central part of the community.

Designed to sit comfortably in its surroundings, the two-story building consists mainly of brickwork at ground level, with modern colour render above. It will also feature a generous canopy over the main entrance, to give prominence to the entrance area and also a shelter for nursery and reception pupils.

The 420 pupils will be spread amongst 14 modern classrooms and will benefit from a 3G sports pitch, main hall, hard and soft informal play areas and a habitat area. The nursery is self-contained with its own entrance.

Constructs completed the external flat roofs and entire internal Carpentry works package, including 1st fix, 2nd fix.

Project Focus- Poundbury NEQ- Sector 3.69, Poundbury , Dorset , DT1 3DX

Poundbury is an exciting new town on the outskirts of Dorchester that offers a pretty town centre with all the essential amenities including a large Waitrose, plenty of parking, and a delightful pub and restaurant. Our beautiful houses for sale in Poundbury are well situated to enjoy all the town’s amenities and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and community of this well planned-out town.

Poundbury is also within easy reach of the scenic Dorset countryside and Dorchester town centre is just 1 mile away.  The development is built on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall and features a selection of well thought-out and beautiful houses with unique and charming features.

Constructs undertook the rood trusses, Joinery shop fronts and external mouldings as you can see in the photographs, we also undertook all the internal 2nd fix Carpentry.

The Construction Industry has evolved over the last couple of decades with great leaps in improving its Safety records and overall appearance. With the industry being such an integral part of the Country’s economy, providing some of the most important services and facilities. Construction is a beautiful industry with an array of outstanding problem solvers, not only in design but most importantly the people that make it reality.

With a lot more change on the horizon with key factors such as technology and Sustainability being considered at every stage, an evolving and adaptable Company is paramount.

Here at Constructs Carpentry, we relish in playing our part to continue improvement of the industry by improving our services. Including improving and monitoring the wellbeing and safety of all, Providing the highest quality Carpentry projects possible, activity playing our part to improve designs, processes and passing on our lessons learned, maintaining budgets and working transparently whilst achieving programmes and adding value by accelerating works where possible by being innovative and well resourced.

History– After joining the industry in 1996 Jon Hodge, Constructs South West’s Managing Director started his journey in the Construction Industry by Joining a Main Contractor as an Apprentice Carpenter.

After a 4-year apprenticeship, Jon decided to further his education and career development and whilst studying at Somerset College he began a training programme in Site Management. This is where he learned the skills to work with, and manage multiple trades and skill sets and really fell in love with the industry. After a number of years achieving successful projects with many intricacies it was time to create his own legacy, built on his values.

This is when Constructs was formed on the basis of always prioritising quality & safety whilst delivering programme and maintaining budgets. Sounds simple doesn’t it?