Many larger developers and Main Contractors use the services of Carpentry Subcontractors who specialize in the Carpentry & Joinery stages of the build. Having the special, detailed knowledge of all stages of the trade assists the developer or main contractor in quality, programme, and Health & Safety deliverables.

Being the leading Carpentry sub-contractor we provide all stages, in all sectors of the Carpentry sub-contracting services.

The different stages of the build that a Carpentry Subcontractor would undertake are most commonly split into the following.

1st fix Carpentry Contractors Taunton – Roof Structure, Wooden Joists, Studwork

The 1st fix stage most commonly includes the structural works of a building, such items as floor joists, roof trusses, studwork, stairs etc. It will also include door frames, window boards, pattresses for supporting fixtures and fittings.

These works are typically undertaken before other contractors undertake there works and provides a structurally safe basis for the internal fit out.

2nd fix Carpentry Contractors Taunton – Kitchen fitting, internal doors, skirting boards, architraves<\h2>

Once we have undertaken the 1st fix works and all the other trades have done so too. The Main construction of the building is complete it allows the 2nd fix works to be undertaken, this would take place after plastering and miss coat.

This normally would be undertaken by the same Carpenter that undertook the 1st fix, dependant on the size and resource requirements of the project.

At this stage we would fit the joinery items to allow final decoration, such as, doors, skirtings, architraves, stair balustrading etc.

Final Fix Carpentry Contractors Somerset – Ironmongery, snagging, bath panel, kitchen plinths

The final fix or ‘third fix’ is where final items are added in line with the specification of the client, designer, or authority. These works are undertaken after final decorations and along side the final fixtures and fittings of other trades also. Such items that would be included at this stage are, door ironmongery, final alignment of kitchen doors and shelving, fitted wardrobes. This stage of the works provides the finishing touches and makes the house a home or the office an effective usable space.

Although some carpentry contractors will specialise in first, second or third fix work, here at Constructs Carpentry Contractors we offer all stages, providing the complete service for all project types.

Whilst some buildings can be somewhat more complicated than the above, with joinery, fitted furniture fit outs just to name a few. The above does provide a brief overview of the speciality that Constructs provides. We have developed a vast knowledge of process, details and best working methods over the years which we enjoy working with our customers to evolve and develop as new products are brought to the market.

Hiring the right Carpentry subcontractor for your project can make such a large difference to its success of the build, not only covering the works and the stages above, but we are also the ‘problem solvers’ of the developments and bringing many past experiences and solutions that have developed to overcome many niches.