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Constructs Carpentry Contractors have continued to maintain a very healthy workload during 2020 despite the pandemic and are now well on track in securing its workload for 2021, with the order books filling quickly we are ensuring that-

1. We maintain all the sub-contractors currently working with us and providing the projects that suit their needs

2. Seeking new enthusiastic sub-contractors to work with us over the coming years and continue our success of delivering high-quality projects on time, within budget.

Constructs Carpentry Contractor Jobs Exeter, Devon + Dorset

What we are known for

Constructs has become well known for the quality it provides and the ability to resource projects to achieve programmes along with the highest level of Management coordination. As Carpentry Contractors we have continued to work closely with many proven sub-contractors over the years, not only do they deliver our projects with our vision and core values they continue to be the key part to the success of our business and Project successes.

Price Work Carpenters Jobs and Vacancies – South West UK

We pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and within budget and this is achieved by closely managing our sub-contract teams who are engaged on a ‘price work’ basis. This basis of working ensures control over the time taken to undertake a task and the costs.

So what does a Carpenter sub-contractor earn on a Price Work basis? How do I apply?

Anything from £150 to £350 a day is the short answer, Constructs has some of the best prices which makes it possible to earn in the higher range. So whether it’s fitting a truss roof to a house, or a cut roof to an apartment building or offices, hanging doors and undertaking a fit-out of a School or cladding of a commercial building, we have a wide range of projects in all locations in the South West to suit.

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    Why we choose the price work model to pay our employees: As many people know, a Carpenter being paid on an hourly basis will not have the motivation to complete the same task in the most optimal time. The second key is obviously to control the quality, as there is no point in achieving tasks quickly without maintaining quality, this is why Constructs Carpentry Contractors only employ the best quality Carpenters, they are also managed closely with our experienced Supervisors and Contracts Managers.

    Carpentry Project Types – Commercial and Domestic 1st Fix 2nd Fix

    Constructs Carpentry Contractors work on all project types including housing/residential, commercial, offices, school projects throughout the South West in the Main Counties of Somerset, North Somerset, Devon and Dorset, the wide range of project types allows us to engage with a wide range of sub-contractors that tend towards a certain type of work, such as 1st fix, roofs, cladding or 2nd fix.

    PPE Provided – Health and Safety for All Staff

    Once the working relationship starts between Constructs and our sub-contractors, we maintain this by always paying on time what is agreed, always providing continuity of work, and also maintaining your Health & Safety in the most practical ways. We provide task specific PPE to ensure you are protected, training and testing where necessary such as nails gun training, face fit testing, and alike. All to ensure we promote a safe working environment whilst maintaining production and your earnings.

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    Contact Us

    So if you are a sub-contractor looking to join a fantastic team working throughout the South West on great price work, please contact us via our contact page or call us on 0800 228 9860.